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In-company and customised Dutch language courses for expats

Are you looking for a Dutch course for highly educated, international employees? VU-NT2 organizes tailor-made individual and group language courses for people from western and non-western backgrounds. The main aim of our courses is always on teaching the language, but we also address Dutch customs and conventions and intercultural communication, to keep the classes fun and relevant.

Free consultation

For us, the first step is discussing what you are looking for in a course. In a non-binding orientation session, we will look over your language needs and the intended result, as well as examining the participants’ current language skills and see how much time they have. The course can be targeted at the language spoken in the workplace as much as you like. Anything is possible! Based on your objectives and budget, we will send you a tailor-made quote that fits your demands.

What can you expect?

Each NT2 Academy tailor-made course starts with an intake, to identify the participants’ language needs. Our courses are highly customisable in terms of form and content. 
-    Courses generally consist of group classes (though not in individual courses), self-study and individual tutoring. Together, we will determine how to strike a balance between these elements. 
-    The classes can take place in a classroom, online, or a combination of both.
-    Participants can be given access to a digital learning environment.
-    If the participants travel for work often, catch-up classes or more personal tutoring are possible.
-    Courses can be concluded with a final test and a certificate, if desired.

Team-building during language classes

Our group classes are an original way to build team spirit, with informative games and collaborative activities such as quizzes, running spelling tests, role plays and conversations. Colleagues learn Dutch together and have fun! If Dutch colleagues also take part, new international colleagues will quickly become part of the team.

Examples of tailor-made language courses

All customised courses can be given in-company, at VU Amsterdam (subject to corona measures) or online, for individual employees or small groups.

Language skills
Contact hours per module
Costs per person with 5 participants per module*
Social Dutch - Koetjes en kalfjes
Listening and speaking 
€ 280
Basic Dutch (modules)
from 0 to B2
Listening, speaking, reading, writing32
€ 1.550
Professional Dutch
B2 -> C1
Listening, speaking, reading, writing
€ 2.475
Improving pronunciation
from A2
€ 975
Error-free writing
from B2
€ 450
Presentation skills
B2+Giving oral presentations
€ 300
Course?Level?Skills?Number of contact hours?€ ….

*The costs per person are lower for larger groups.

Contact and information

For more information, a non-binding consultation, or a quote, please get in touch with Rachel Zuilhof, adviser for NT2 Academy tailor-made, r.m.zuilhof@vu.nl, +31 (0)20 598 27 65.

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