Evening courses

Dutch for work and study

Would you like to learn Dutch at evening classes, with five to seven hours self-study per week? The evening course will take you to beginner’s level at the very least, but you will also have the option of continuing to a higher level, all the way up to C1.

Dutch course for work and study SPRINT

Is your first language German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or Afrikaans? You will be able to learn the basics of Dutch more quickly. This course is the fast track of 'Dutch for work and study'.

Basic Dutch on Campus

Are you a VU student? Would you like to learn enough Dutch alongside your studies to help you feel more at home on campus? With 'Basic Dutch on Campus' you will learn e.g. to introduce yourself, do some shopping, order a meal and chat with local students and teachers. The VU offers this specific course at a greatly reduced rate for her international students.

Professional Dutch

Professional Dutch is a semi-intensive course (8 or 16 weeks, one class a week) for people who already have a good command of the Dutch language (B2/B2+) and would like to improve their language skills for the purpose of career advancement or higher education. For example, you are expected to write formal letters, essays, theses, or to give a presentation.

Everyday Dutch course on Saturday

Would you like to learn Dutch to help you with your day-today activities? Why not join our Saturday course Everyday Dutch?