Dutch for work and study

All lessons of VU-NT2 will be given online from Wednesday 16 December, via zoom for Education. This is the result of the corona measures (lockdown) by the Dutch government.

Would you like to learn Dutch at evening classes, with five to seven hours self-study per week? The evening course will take you to beginner’s level at the very least, but you will also have the option of continuing to a higher level, all the way up to C1. The modules of Dutch for work and study start four times a year and the classes are twice a week. After two course modules of eight weeks, you will have a good command of the basics. On completion of six modules, you will be able to understand difficult texts, speak Dutch fluently and correctly, express your opinion and participate in discussions.

Participants reactions
''Everything was explained clearly and concisely. It was completely up to my effort how much I learned.''
''Speaking exercises were very useful, and I also found the exercises where we practised with the grammar very helpful.''
''Speaking practice is so useful to improve our language skills, and the teacher gave us a lot of chance to do it.''
''Speaking in pairs in breakout rooms was also a good exercise when the task was well focused and did not last too long.''

Course levels (CEFR)  
Each level starts four times a year (except for the SPRINT course) 
Level 1.1: Beginners (0 > A1)
Level SPRINT 1: Beginners (0 > A2)
Level 1.2: Elementary (A1 > A2)
Level 2.1: Intermediate (A2 > A2+)
Level 2.2: Intermediate (A2+ > B1)
Level 3: Upper Intermediate (B1 > B1+)
Level 4: Upper Intermediate (B1+ > B2)
Course datesPeriod 1: 7 September - 29 October 2020
Period 2: 23 November 2020 - 28 January 2021
Period 3: 22 February - 19 April 2021
Period 4: 10 May - 8 July 2021
Course length8 weeks per level
Time tableMonday and Thursday evening 18.00 – 20.30
AssignmentsA minimum of 6 hours per week
Price per levelStandard €695
VU employees and PhDs / students of other Dutch universities €525
VU students €350
EC points
(only for students)
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Application is closed two weeks before the course starts.
Course participants are grouped according to their level of Dutch and together you will work on your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. In the classes at VU University Amsterdam, we will use a multimedia room and a brand new digital language lab. You will receive explanations and instructions and you will practice your speaking skills.

Outside the classes, you will train your learning and listening skills, vocabulary and grammar. Accomplished NT2 lecturers teach our classes and will personally coach you.

Testing take place at the end of each course period. If you pass the test, you can graduate to the next level. You are free to determine how many courses you would like to take and what level you want to achieve.

After course level 4, you will be able to speak Dutch fluently, to write and understand difficult texts, and to discuss in Dutch. You are ready for State Exam NT2, programme II. A degree SE II may give you access to a job or an education at HBO level (higher vocational education) or university level. Following course level 4, you can take a one-week State Exam training programme.

During this course, you will become familiar with the Dutch language, but also with the culture, society and politics of the Netherlands. And you will become acquainted with Dutch traditions such as Sinterklaas!
Everyone who has finished a secondary education (comparable to the Dutch havo/vwo) is welcome. If you do not speak Dutch yet, some knowledge of the English language is necessary. An intake (verbal and/or written) can be part of the selection procedure.
Please check Application. Do you already speak some Dutch? Then you may have to do an intake test. You will receive an invitation for the central intake test after you have filled in the online application form.

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