New: Dutch course towards B1 (practice-study, extensive)

Dutch for NT2 State Exam I


All lessons of VU-NT2 will be given online from Wednesday 16 December, via zoom for Education. This is the result of the corona measures (lockdown) by the Dutch government.   

This course is not available in period 3 (16 February - 15 April 2021). 

Are you educated to pre-university level* and would you like to learn the Dutch language during the day alongside your job, work placement of voluntary work? The daytime practice-study course enables you to combine that very well and gives you an opportunity to put your Dutch into practice straight away. In combination with your Dutch-language job or work placement and seven to ten hours of self-study per week, you will be learning Dutch full-time. In four nine-week modules, with two group sessions per week, you will learn to speak, write, read and listen to CEFR level B1 within one year. You can join at level A0 or A1. After an individual intake test, we will decide which modules you can start in: A0, A1, A2, up to B1.

Dutch up to B1 for working people

This daytime practice-study course is ideal if you work in a Dutch-language setting during the day and would like to do a Dutch course alongside that. You can put what you learn into practice at work straight away.

Dutch up to B1 for civic-integration candidates

This practice-study course is also ideal if you wish to learn Dutch to complete your civic integration and would like to do the NT2 State Exam with a DUO loan. The practical assignments your teacher sets you will enable you to become acquainted with the Dutch labour market and communicate more comfortably in Dutch at work or on your work placement.

* completed secondary education, comparable to the Dutch havo/vwo

Other VU-NT2 group courses in Dutch

Perhaps you would prefer an intensive daytime course (to level B2), a Saturday course (to level A2) or an evening course (to level B2)? Take a look at Daytime course in Dutch for the NT2 State Exam Programme II, Dutch for work and study or Everyday Dutch.

Course modules
(CEFR language levels)
Level 1.1: Beginner (0 -> A1)
Level 1.2: Beginner (A1 -> A2)
Level 2.1: Intermediate (A2 -> A2+)
Level 2.2. Intermediate (A2+ -> B1)
Course dates
Period 1 (level 1.1 and 1.2):              1 September - 29 October 2020
Period 2 (level 1.1, 1.2 and 2.1):      17 November 2020 - 28 January 2021
Period 3 (all levels):                        16 February - 15 April 2021
Period 4 (all levels:                          4 May - 6 July 2021
Course duration
Nine weeks per module
State Exam training
At the end of level II.2, there is a one-week’s NT2 State Exam 1 training course. Participation is possible only if you are doing a VU-NT2 course.
Course days
Tuesday and Thursday
14.00 to 17.00 (to be confirmed)
7-10 hours per week
Price per level
incl. course materials
excl. SE training
Standard €1.185
VU employees and PhDs / students of other Dutch universities €860
VU students €535
ECTS credits
(for students only)
4.5 per level
For the awarding of ECTS credits, prior approval is required from the Examination Board of the relevant study programme.
Registration form
Registration is possible up to two weeks before the course starts or until it is fully subscribed.

This course will enable you to achieve level B1 in four modules and is suitable for both civic integration and for people working or on work placements. With only two half-day sessions per week, this course is particularly suited to be done alongside work, study or a work placement.

During the course, you will work on a portfolio and you will do a final test at the end. When you have successfully completed both of these, you can continue at the next level. This means you decide for yourself how many course periods you do and which language level you ultimately wish to achieve.

After the level 2 module, you will be ready for the NT2 State Exam, programme I. You will be able to cope effectively in conversation with Dutch people, understand texts reasonably well and also write your own.

With a NT2 State Exam I diploma, you will be able to meet your civic-integration obligations. When you have passed the final VU-NT2 tests at level B1, you will be able to progress to the evening courses and prepare for NT2 State Exam II while keeping your DUO loan. However, please note that the loan will be discontinued when you have passed State Exam I.

You will work in a group of other people at the same level as you to improve your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills and develop your vocabulary and grammar. You will also do practical assignments and learn about Dutch society and the labour market.

As a result of the government coronavirus measures, all courses in period 1 (1 September - 29 October 2020) will mostly be provided online via ZOOM for EDUCATION. Courses will be held live at set times, with your own teachers and classmates. In the lessons, you will do a lot of practical exercises with your fellow group members. You will also do seven to ten hours of self-study per week. During the course, the teacher will also provide personal support and supervision.

As soon as possible, lessons will be held again at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam).

Homework on the job
With this practice-study course, you will also improve the level of your Dutch outside the lessons and do some of your homework on the job. Thanks to the practical assignments set by your teacher, you can start applying your new level of reading, understanding, speaking and writing in real language situations straight away.

Engage in contact with people outside the lesson
At your course level, you can do practical assignments in reading, understanding, speaking and writing. This will make it easier for you to engage in contact with your colleagues, neighbours or other volunteers. This extra practice outside the lesson will ensure you are well prepared for the NT2 State Exam programme I.

Anyone who has completed secondary education (equivalent to the Dutch havo/vwo) is welcome. If you cannot yet speak any Dutch, knowledge of the English language at level A2 is essential. An intake test (oral and/or written) is part of the entry procedure.

This course is intended for people learning Dutch alongside (voluntary) work or a work placement or those very actively seeking a job/work placement. 

If you have any questions, please call us. We can be contacted from 13.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday: +31 (0)20-5986398. You can also apply directly via Registration and then call us to make an appointment for an intake interview.