Application and registration

Welcome to VU-NT2. Would you like to learn Dutch with us? Then please take the following steps to participate in one of our courses:

Step 1: Do you have the required level of education?

Anyone who has completed secondary education (comparable to Dutch havo/vwo) is welcome. If you don’t speak any Dutch at all, knowledge of the English language is necessary. In addition, sufficient computer skills are required.

Step 2: Apply through the online application form.

  • Please visit and fill in the application form.
  • Please also come to the VU-NT2 consultation hours. The consultation hours are meant to speak with a teacher, who can advise which course is suitable for you and determine whether or not you need to take an intake test.

The consultation hours are every Monday and Thursday between 3pm and 4pm. Please report at the VU-NT2 desk at the Service Centre on the ground floor of the VU main building. For a route description, click here.

Please note that if you have a DUO loan, you need to bring the letter which shows the amount of loan you will receive from DUO.

Step 3: Complete your registration

    For participation in our Dutch for State Exam II course three steps need to be taken to complete your registration: 

    1. Apply online.
    2. Visit the consultation hours (as soon as possible).
    3. If applicable: send us your DUO letter (subject: "U krijgt een lening) or bring it to the consultation hours.

    4. Please note that we cannot place you in this course if your registration has not been completed.

      For participation in our Dutch for Work and Study course and our Everyday Dutch Saturday course filling in the online registration form is sufficient.

        Step 4: You will take a intake test

        Do you already speak some Dutch? Then you may have to do an intake test:

        • For the Dutch for State Exam II course the teacher will decide during the consultation hours if an intake test is necessary. After the interview you can take the two written tests (if applicable).
        • For the Dutch for Work and Study course and our Everyday Dutch Saturday course you will receive an invitation for the central intake test after you have filled in the online application form.

        With the written and oral intake test we will assess your level of Dutch. Preparation for this exam is not necessary. The results of this test will be used as an indicator which level is the most suitable for you.

        Dates central intake tests for the courses:

        • July 16, 2018 (morning)
        • August 21, 2018 (morning)
        • August 28, 2018 (morning)

        Step 5: You will receive a course invitation and pay the course fee

        After you have completed your registration for a course, you will receive a course invitation. In the course invitation will be stated which level you have been assigned to, when the course starts, how you can pay and when your payment is due. It is very important to respond to this course invitation before the (payment) deadline, in order for us to know if you will participate in the course or not.

        Each group has a minimum and a maximum amount of participants. If there are not enough students, the course will be cancelled. When we have to many applicants, you can be put on a waiting list for the Dutch for Work and Study and the Everyday Dutch Saturday course. For the Dutch for State Exam II course there is no waiting list. You will be invited for the upcoming course period.

        Step 6: Your placement is finalized!

        Once we have received your payment, or a proof that you have a loan from DUO, your registration is finalized.

        Please note that for the Dutch for State Exam II course you are not placed unless you have received a written confirmation via e-mail.

        Please check our general terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

        If you receive a loan from DUO, please check our general terms and conditions for students with a DUO loan.