Complaints regulation

We always do our best to assist you in any way we can, but there may still be instances when you are dissatisfied with our service. Please let us know if you have a complaint.

You have a complaint.
Your complaint may have to do with:
• Our VU-NT2 service: you are dissatisfied with the quality of the service provided, for example a lesson, course, masterclass, training course, product or assessment.
• A VU-NT2 employee’s conduct or acts: you are dissatisfied with how you were treated by a teacher, a course administration employee or another VU employee.

What should you do?

If you have a complaint about our services, please talk to your teacher, the course administration, or the NT2 Academy, NT2 Professional or NT2 Expert coordinator first. If you’re unable to resolve the issue, then you can submit a formal complaint using the complaints form (see below).
Does your complaint involve intimidating or aggressive behaviour from VU employees or fellow students, are you being discriminated against or have you experienced sexual harassment, and have you been unable to resolve the situation with help from the coordinator? Then please fill in the complaints form and send it directly to one of our VU confidential counsellors.

Complaints form

You can request a digital complaints form by sending an email to the VU-NT2 course administration: Always include your full name and contact information or we will not be able to process your complaint.

• You will immediately receive confirmation of receipt of your complaint. Your complaint will be registered.
• Your complaint will be handled confidentially by the complaints committee, which consists of the head of the VU-NT2 department, the coordinator of the department you are enrolled at (NT2 Academy, NT2 Professional or NT2 Expert) and the coordinator of the course administration. If the complaint concerns one of the members of the complaints committee, the complaint will not be handled by this person. In that case, a third and independent employee will be appointed to handle the complaint.
• Within two weeks of receipt, you will receive an email including a substantive assessment of the complaint and a proposal for a solution, or a decision rejecting the complaint. If the two-week deadline is not feasible, you will be informed in a timely manner. Complaints should take no more than six weeks to process.
• The decision made by the complaints committee is binding.
• If you agree with the proposed solution (by email), the complaint will be considered processed and you will receive written confirmation.
• If you do not agree with the decision made by the complaints committee, then please contact the VU Amsterdam student ombudsman (for students and anyone taking a course). All relevant information can be found on the Complaints page on the VU website. If you are an external client and you do not agree with the proposed solution, then please get in touch with the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Humanities (for commissioning parties). If you are a participant in a civic integration programme, then please contact the Blik op Werk complaints hotline directly. If your complaint has not been handled satisfactorily, please contact the Arbitration Board for Civic Integration at Blik op Werk.