Improve your Dutch for employee and student participation

Are you a member of a VU participation council* and at least a B1, or almost a B2 speaker of Dutch? Are the meetings generally in Dutch and do you struggle to understand your fellow members? Or are the documents hard to read? This tutorial in Understanding Dutch in Participation Councils can help you out!

If your general language skills are not yet at the B2 level, you may have to take one or more courses on Dutch for work and study prior or parallel to the tutorial.
You're in charge: what do you want to learn, what do you need? Your teacher will coach you through your personalised learning process. The faculty will pay any costs involved, which will be set out in a quote. 

*Such as the University Works Council or the University Student Council, a Faculty or Service Works Council, a Faculty Student Council, a Programme Council or another council that your faculty or service department considers a participation council.

For international employees and students of VU University Amsterdam with at least a B1 understanding of the Dutch language and who are members of a VU participation council.
The goal of the tutorial is to become familiar with the specific vocabulary and idiom used in participation councils, to help you understand meetings and documents more easily.

At the end of the process, we will check your progress with a vocabulary test and a reading and listening test. You will also have a final session with your coach, in which you will discuss what else you could do to up your language skills.

Your teacher will be an experienced NT2 teacher with excellent knowledge of the language used in participation council meetings.
  • The tutorial will be tailored to your needs and current language skills. You will be given plenty of opportunities to indicate what you want to learn. The teacher will coach you through the course. You will work towards your goal independently and meet with your coach every two weeks to ask questions or get some extra practice. You will also decide on your homework for the following weeks. 
  • You will work on expanding your vocabulary and improving your reading and/or listening skills. We can recommend texts, but you are also free to suggest texts that you would like to understand yourself. 
  • We offer private lessons, but you can also register as a group.
  • We recommend combining this tutorial with a group course on Dutch for work and study at level 3 or 4 to help you improve your language skills even more quickly. We’ll determine which course suits you best during the intake session.
We will design a custom tutorial for you after the intake, which will consist of an interview and some tests. Based on the intake, we’ll suggest a package and draw up a quote. If you and the budget holder of your department or service accept the quote, we’ll get started!
Number and duration of sessions    
5 - 12 coaching sessions of 1 - 1.5 hours each
Session dates
TBA If you are unable to attend a session, please cancel at least 48 hours in advance
Session length
Study load     
Four to eight hours per coaching session
Meeting room on the 12th floor of the main building
Based on individual quotations; estimate: € 765 to € 1275 per course per person
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General terms and conditions    
General terms and conditions   
NT2 Academy Coordinator: Wilma Elsing